Talking Heads – Heaven

Earlier this week I was fortunate enough to see one of my musical heroes perform live. I went to watch David Byrne in Manchester as part of his American Utopia tour. Byrne himself said this tour is his most significant since ‘Stop Making Sense’ and it certainly feels that way. Although I usually write about new and up and coming artists, I thought it would be nice to walk down the path of nostalgia and reminisce with sounds like this. Sounds that have inspired the music we listen to today. Heaven was always one of my favourite Talking Heads songs with its minimalistic style and thought provoking lyrics. So many songs have been written about a so called ‘Heaven’ yet so few of them describe it in the way Byrne does. Not as an idyllic place of beauty, but as a place where nothing ever really happens… I could have picked a song from his latest album America Utopia – which is fantastic just as you would expect, but I thought why not journey back and subsume ourselves in the absolute treat that is Heaven.


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