485C – Strange Medicine

We’ve all been there. That moment when you wake up immensely hungover on your friends’ floor, sofa or bathtub. With your head feeling like an overused kick drum and the taste of stale alcohol on your tongue, you scramble to find your phone and wallet in the hopes you didn’t drop them down a grid the night before. Well, sadly that was me this weekend. I went for what was intended to be a quiet drink to celebrate my friends’ birthday, although at some point those intentions were replaced with the determination to become a public mess. As always we like to blame those mind rotting hangovers on good times and cheap wine. This brings me to my Track of the Day, 485C – Strange Medicine. I’ve been listening to the debut album a lot and I could have chosen a number of their songs to sum up that feeling of having fun without giving a shit about the consequences – all of them fantastic! The track embodies a punchy upbeat tempo with melodic guitar riffs, capturing a great raw sound. The lyrics are the perfect mixture of light and dark and repeatedly remind me of both the hangover and the crazy night before. I’m sure I won’t be the only one waiting with great anticipation to see what more this band has to offer!


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