Wes Allen – Ask Me Now

Sometimes we forget how easy it is to be surrounded by people yet still feel so lonely. I’ve always been someone who enjoys my own company and very rarely experiences symptoms of loneliness. However, every so often the inevitable catches up with us all. It unforgivably slaps us in the face with the harrowing, yet well-known experience that is the hopeless love story. It’s easy to know who is good or bad for us in life, but it’s never quite so easy to pull ourselves away. How cunningly we convince ourselves that maybe it’s not the worst idea to have one more night of dinner and drinks. But sadly, in the harsh morning light we awake to the sobering realization of ‘maybe I should have just stayed at home.’ Often the hardest part is looking back and pondering thoughts of regret and wondering if we made the right decision. This brings me to my Track of the Day, Wes Allen – Ask Me Now. With a calming folk feel mixed with Allen’s poignant vocals, the song is bound to make any of us reminisce over our very own hopeless love story.


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