Kid Cupid – Better

The past few days have been a rather eventful for me. I reconnected with an old friend, my brother got engaged, and I tried frogs’ legs for the first and last time. (Don’t let anyone tell you they taste like chicken because they sure as shit do not!) I also read an article about how many different versions of ‘you’ exist in the minds of everyone who knows you. It emotes the idea that every person you meet creates a version on ‘you’ in their head. For example, you won’t be viewed in the same way by your parents as you are by your friends, co-workers or partner. Therefore, there are literally a hundred versions of ‘you’ out there in people’s minds. It’s a bit of a head fuck I know. However, what I really took from this is how often we let people into our individual worlds and are able to see a better version of them than they see themselves. Sure at times it’s down to beer goggles or we’re blindsided because we love them. Nevertheless, sometimes we are able to see people in a way no one else can. This brings me to my Track of the Day, Kid Cupid – Better. With their new album ‘Unholy Ceremony’ being released in a couple of weeks, Kid Cupid are seriously making a name for themselves within the indie-pop world. The track continues to emphasize their euphoric sound, whilst helping immerse you in a pop haze. With melodic vocals and a warm guitar, Better certainly sets the tone with high expectations from the rest of the album.


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