Barnett Ghastly ‘Fatigue’

As our British summer approaches, with it comes seldom sunny days and feelings of nostalgia. Not to be dramatic but I was beginning to think this cold weather would never end. I wondered if we had slipped into a Game of Thrones eternal winter. But thankfully, the cold weather has ceased to exist…for now. As I bathe in the sun, enjoy a cold beer on a warm evening and do what the rest of us Brits do in the sweet few weeks of summer, I began to think about where I was this time last year. So much has changed for me in the last 12 months, I can’t help but reminisce the person I used to be. Dealing with heartbreak, having to find home within myself again and taking the plunge with a move to the big city on the horizon. The whole process is incredibly exciting and fulfilling yet at the same time fucking exhausting! Which in turn brings me to my Track of the Day, Barnett Ghastly – Fatigue.  Since the new album Pacific Daydream dropped last week, I’ve been enjoying the summer nostalgia haze it thrusts upon you. Venturing from an indie/alternative place, Barnett Ghastly uses low fi drums with distorted vocals to create a little piece of magic. The song has a certain liberal sound about it, with a light tempo that embodies a sunny and warm feeling – many people going through transitions in life can enjoy as their comfort blanket is being pulled away from them.


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