Tella Viv: Happy Doomsday

Bold guitars, intricate melodies and a unique vibe peculiar to the Scandinavian indie scene sound – this is Tella Viv in a nutshell. ‘Happy Doomsday’ was released on 25th May 2018 and it represents the third offering from the Swedish quartet, who describe their music as ‘Art Rock’.

Lead track ‘No, No, No, No’ is about two lovers travelling through space and time and how they eventually lose the famous ‘spark’ – what happens then? The lyrics were inspired by French science fiction comics series Valérian and Laureline, which is considered a landmark in European comics and pop culture – influencing recent works such as movies Star Wars and the Fifth Element.

Tella Viv are made up of members Carl Hjelm (Vocals), Benjamin Lavén (Guitar), Marcus Lindblom (Bass) and Fredric Lindblom (Drums). Already established on the Swedish indie scene, with ‘Happy Doomsday’ they are sharing the result of a year spent in the studio recording music. Packed with surf, 50s pastiches and new wave-clinging synthesizers, their songs link the Cold War era’s fear of atom bombs with more profound themes such as attachment issues and separation.

Check out ‘Happy Doomsday’ Here:

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