DESMOND: Cardboard Palace

A sophisticated funk-pop track, with an 80’s new wave/dance rock vibe, ‘Cardboard Palace’ is bound to buy into the hearts of many and it will make you want to jump on your feet and dance. The single is the newest release from Copenhagen electro-pop band DESMOND, the first offering from their debut album due later this year.

The song is about big changes in ones life: when all of a sudden everything you identified with changes, and you find yourself in a different reality than before – a situation many of us can identify with. In the band’s own words: “It is about the insecure airy fairies of modern society that provides so much for the few who keeps on taking.”

DESMOND added a new name to keep an eye on on the list of Scandi indie-pop bands that are taking over the music scene at the moment. We can surely expect more of them and we cannot wait to hear more from the rising Danish four-piece.

Check out ‘Cardboard Palace’ here:


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