John Myrtle: Get Her Off Of My Mind

It’s a drag, right? You get home from work, probably later than usual because you had to stay late or cash up. You have nothing to eat, nothing to drink, and the looming weight of a hundred unfinished projects you should be working on. You’re simultaneously too itchy to relax, but too tired to focus. You have work again in ten hours.

John Myrtle stands in fierce opposition. If it’s a drag, well, he’s not letting on. Myrtle’s bedroom demos ooze life and exude dullness, with more than a passing reference to sixties pop arrangements and the feeble-chic sound of a Yamaha MT-100 tape recorder. His strengths as a songwriter stand clear on his latest demo, Get Her Off My Mind, complete with stacked backing vocals and ringing 12-string guitar (or is that just tape flutter?). Listen below, and catch him at The Lock Tavern, Camden this Thursday supporting Method Actress.

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