Method Actress: Mistress

I spent a lazy Sunday moving my room about. Bed now in the corner, with desk to the side and Gamecube at an experimental slant halfway along the far wall. Home productivity will, no doubt, increase tenfold in my new zen space.

Naturally, it’s all just a procrastinatory way of ignoring the more pressing issues at hand, like fixing my fucked bass guitar, or addressing the fact that I owe HMRC a few bob for the villainous crime of being on the wrong tax code at two shit part-time jobs.

That said, in many cases change is not merely superficial, and it can lead to exciting new things. Brighton live staples Morning Smoke packed it in and, from the ashes, arose Method Actress. Far from rehashing, they’re cruising in a new direction with a snappier sound of sparkling guitar and a fraught vocals. New single Mistress drops ahead of their headline show at The Lock Tavern next week. Listen below.

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