NEW MOONS VOL. IX – Interview: Mantra

Mantra is a West London-based alternative rock band formed by Simon Stark (Vocals and Guitar), Rich Leeds (Bass) and Rob Emms (Drums). They describe their music as a combination of “emotive lyrics with haunting melodies, distorted guitars and thundering drums”. During their career, they have received the support of the likes of NME, Rock Sound and Kerrang. Their success does not stop here:  more than 325k streams on Spotify, airplays from BBC Radio 1, BBC Introducing and Amazing Radio and live performances at Reading and Leeds, Download and SXSW are just some of the milestones achieved by the band.


Their much anticipated debut EP “I Want” was released via Dine Alone Records (Alexisonfire, Fidlar, Jimmy Eat World, At the Drive in) and we’re thrilled to announce that one of the tracks from it, “Hypochondria”, it’s going to be featured on New Moons vol. IX!

Thank you for agreeing to be featured on our compilation, “Hypochondria” is a great song. What is the story behind it?

It’s the last song on our I Want EP that we released last January. It’s sort of about paranoia although that was a long time ago now so it’s gone now, I think 😬

You have also just released a brand new EP, “Sleep”. In what way do you think it differs from the previous one, “I Want”? Do you believe you have evolved as a band between the two records and if so, what has changed?

Definitely. The Sleep EP evolved from a solo show at the Great Escape, and we’re into all kinds of music so we thought why not do something different. I know it’s not what people might have been expecting but I think that’s cool. To me it’s got a driving at midnight kind of vibe. Check it out!

Let’s talk about the cool upcoming stuff now. I know you are going to play Camden Assembly as part of their Spotlight Series and that you will be flying to the US in 2018 to perform at SXSW? Tell me more about them. Are you excited? Were you expecting to be so busy so soon?

Yeah we can’t wait, we love America! We played the SXSW in March and had a blast touring the East Coast and Canada. This time I think we’ll be revisiting some of those places and going to the West Coast for the first time too, so we’re super excited!

As for the Camden Assembly we kind of cut our teeth in North London and we know lots of bands from that scene so we always love playing there, it’s like home to us.

What would you pinpoint as the highlights of your journey as a band so far?

Recording our album at Rockfield Studios with Tom Dalgety. For sure. That was such a fun time. That place is so legendary it was such an honour to record there. If 1% of it’s magic makes its way onto those songs, I’ll be over the moon.

Are there any other projects that will come along with this new EP? Maybe a music video in the making?

Well it’s not an EP, it’s an Album! And yes we’re thinking about videos right at this moment actually 😊

Thanks for taking the time to answer our questions! Where can people find you to have the last updates on your whereabouts?

We’re playing the Camden Assembly on January the 9th and it’s a free show so come down and say hi!

For all of You online peeps follow us on Instagram @instamantragram Twitter @mantratweeter and Facebook @mantramusic


Pre-order New Moons vol. IX HERE

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