New Moons Vol. IX – Interview: Johnny Kills

Johnny Kills are an indie rock four-piece hailing partly from Brighton and partly from London, formed by biological brothers Tim and Lewis Lloyd-Kinnings, along with Cameron Gipp. Their songs ‘My Shirt Guy..’ and ‘End Game’ were premiered respectively on The Line of Best Fit and DORK, and they have been playing some very cool shows recently, winning the hearts of many new fans – including ours! Here at the Killing Moon HQ we love them so much that we’ve asked them if they wanted to be featured on our yearly compilation, which is due to be released this January. Luckily, they said yes, so our personal fave “My Shirt Guy is High” is going to be part of “New Moon vol. IX”. Yay!

We managed to steal some of their time and got to know them better. Here’s what they had to say.

Johnny Kills


  1. Hello guys! Very nice to meet you. How are you?

Good thanks, ticking along nicely. Just finished the first term of my (Tim) last year at uni so have had a couple days just doing nothing which has been very welcome, but also wondering where all the time has gone.

  1. We would love to learn more about you. How did you meet and when did Johnny Kills officially become a band?

We were all kicking around in bands in Cambridge for around 5 years and Johnny Kills eventually formed out of that – just before two of us went to uni at opposite ends of the country and the other moved to London. Nice one, us.
That was around 2 years ago now – we dropped our first demos online in summer 2016, but properly started releasing stuff this summer.

  1. The song which will be featured on “New Moons vol. IX” is “My Shirt Guy is High”, our personal favourite – although it was hard to pick one. Tell us a little bit about it: what is the song is about, what inspired you and so on.

“My Shirt Guy is High” is about inertia and the self-inflicted boredom that comes from basically just doing nothing, to the point that you take pride at the smallest achievements of your day.  Kind of like what I’m up to at the moment… answering these questions really gives me a sense of purpose.

  1. More in general, who are your musical/everyday life inspiration when writing music? How does the process of creating a new song work for you as a group?

There are loaaaaads of bands that we like, either as a group or individually. You can probably hear Wavves, FIDLAR, Weezer in our sound, but then there’s Wolf Parade, Car Seat Headrest, Black Honey, Speedy Ortiz to name just a few. Also tonnes of cheesy poppy stuff.
With our songwriting, I usually come along with an idea and loose structure and then we all just build it up from there. Because we’re so far apart most of the time there’s a lot of sending ideas to each other over the internet and then big rehearsals to learn and argue figure it all out.

  1. What did you think when we first approached you to be part of our compilation? Hope you were as thrilled as we are!

We were delighted – it seems surreal for someone else to want to put us on their thing, and the New Moons records have a great track record – i.e. Bad Sounds or Fickle Friends who we think are class. Sick stuff on this one too, fans of Annabel Allum, and Beach Riot, so we’re pretty humbled to be alongside them.

  1. Do you have any upcoming projects we should know about? Releases, live shows?

We’re actually playing the release party for this compilation. It’s on the 30th of January at the Sebright Arms, and we’re super psyched. Also going to be harassing the airwaves with a session on BBC Introducing South on 6th January, so that’s kind of like a gig to everyone in the world with an internet connection I guess.
Apart from that we’re looking into getting some gigs up North because we haven’t done anything up there yet, and there’s great stuff going on in places like Leeds and Newcastle. Then I’m sure we’re gonna try get another couple of shows in London and Brighton for the not so distant future.
We have two new singles in the can, and really looking forward to getting them out there next year.

  1. Finally, where can people find you to have the latest updates on what is cooking?

You can get any news on Facebook and twitter at:

Listen to us at or Spotify or YouTube or apple music

Or to be fair just email us at and we’ll dish the dirt/tell you a joke, whatever you request really, we’re down for most things.

  1. That is all for now, thank you for your time! Speak soon.


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