NEW MOONS VOL. IX – Interview: ZoZo

We are so happy to announce that our lovely ZoZo will be featured on our yearly compilation “New Moons vol. IX” – which will be released on the 8th January. We chatted about her new song, upcoming releases and new exciting projects.

ZoZo just released a brand new video for her debut single “I Won’t Leave Your Bed Tonight” and we’re very proud of her, knowing all of the hard work she has put into this. With sweeping synth soundscapes and chilled out electronic beats, the song is a sublime piece of electro pop, with ZoZo’s husky vocal taking her sound to new moody depths. It encapsulates a ‘non-love story’, documenting the moments after waking up in bed with a near stranger and wondering why you were there in the first place.

ZoZo 3


  1. Hi ZoZo, lovely catching up with you. How are you?
    Hi! I’m great thank you, hope you are too 🙂 Busy with a lot of co writes this month which is always fun.
  2. How excited are you on a scale of 1 to 10 to be featured on our yearly compilation “New Moons vol. IX”?!? We’re extremely excited – love the song!
    10 of course! Thank you for including my debut single! And thank you, happy you like it!
  3. Tell us a bit more about “I Won’t Leave Your Bed Tonight”. What were the inspirations both behind the song and then the video? How did you find doing a little bit of acting to film it?
    The song is a wee story about realising you don’t really know someone after being intimate with them. I don’t drink alcohol but fell for someone at a gig, had a few nice weeks but soon figured out he didn’t know me. I loved filming the video! It’s a simple little video which I planned and directed. It’s an interaction between 2 people. I wanted to do something simple following the reactions of 2 supposed lovers that don’t really know where they stand but at the same time they walk life alone. I actually did acting before music so it was nice to venture into that again, I want to do more!
  4. We know you have an EP in the making. How is that one going? Can you give your fans any spoilers on what they should expect?
    Yes, I’ve actually got all the songs ready! I’m in the middle of building ideas for the videos. Saying that I have the songs ready, I may change my mind as I’m always writing and wanting to share new things!
    Maybe some behind the scenes of my weird world! The songs follow a similar moody feel, another to do with bed time and sleeping!
  5. We came to see you perform live at the Old Blue Last in London and it was great. Apart, of course, from your amazing vocals, we especially appreciated the fairy lights decorations all over you, although the shoes which lighted up were a personal favourite of mine. You will have to hook me up with a pair. How did you find performing there? Did you do many shows in London before that one? What do you enjoy about playing gigs the most?
    Oh great to hear you enjoyed it! Yes the lights and shoes will always make me smile too! The wonders of the internet 😉 I really enjoyed it, I looked up after the first song and it was pretty much full which was great! I’d played live a lot until about a year ago, I used to go to all the open mics and sessions, I sometimes played 2-3 night, I got quite obsessed! I put on a few shows of my own too which I want to do more of. This was before I was doing more electronic/produced music. I hadn’t really performed over the past year. I’m way more comfortable and happy with the sound I have now. This was one of my first gigs with my wee sample pad (which has become my best friend but is also a nightmare sometimes haha!).
    What I enjoy most is the overall adrenaline but I think the most rewarding thing is people singing songs you’ve made in your bedroom at midnight! When you manage to capture a room and make people silent, that is a lovely feeling too. Live music is the best, I think it’s one of most important things to get your music out there and meet people, I love people, I’m always talking to people, always the last to leave!
  1. Thanks for this ZoZo! Anything else you’d like to tell your fans before we leave?
    Thank you for the chat! Just a big thank you and check out my new little series of ZoZo Land Diaries!! And the new music of course!! J

ZoZo X

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