Milk Disco: Weekender

Black Friday had me a ball of stress this weekend. I work in retail so I resent anyone with a disposable income to begin with; but then there’s the smug entitlement that comes with being lucky enough to have money on this weekend of all weekends. “Oh, these novelty drum sticks are cute!” No they’re not, that’s my food shop which I can’t afford this week. “Do I get 10% off as it’s Black Friday? Oh, you don’t take Amex. It’s okay, I have another card.” Fuck off out of my shop.

It’s an amazing time to be alive. You no longer have to spend 5p at the sweet shop to make a copy. Sainsbury’s on Tottenham Court Road sells hot pizza slices in triangular cardboard boxes. Boston Dynamics’ latest robot creation could probably wipe out the bottom ten percent of people ranked on an Excel spreadsheet. We approach an automated future in which the human race is emancipated from menial jobs, further increasing quality of life for all. I for one can’t wait for a robot to take my job and leave me to die.

Milk Disco‘s new single Weekender affirms I’m not the only miserable one. “Weekender is about joining in with people at the end of the working week and feeling unhappy with your life. Getting caught in those typical motions of reality, doing nothing about it and being consumed by the banality of your choices.” Sci-fi synth lines and dissonant guitars paint a similarly dystopian picture.

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