Dama Scout: Toothache

I had a surreal moment this week when I found myself in a TV audience, stood meters behind popular telly person Holly Willoughby. In fact, I was right in shot, due – I’m sure – to my wily good looks and pleasantly fashionable manner. Unfortunately I was also incredibly sleep deprived and I’m sure you’ll see me falling asleep in the broadcast.

Television is remarkable in that probably hundreds of thousands of pounds worth of cameras, lights, producers, technicians, branding meetings, focus groups, advertising campaigns and man hours hinge on the banal conversation of two presenters. This is, of course, in stark contrast to mother blog Killing Moon’s new weekly feature Demolition Day, where cutting-edge music criticism meets a shit webcam and rubbish broadband.

A highlight from today’s episode was the first track from Dama Scout‘s eponymous new EP, released this month. Pitting lo-fi guitars with a crystal vocal, Toothache finds a band brave in their vision and accomplished in execution. Twisting with deceptive accuracy, it sounds equal parts Day Tripper, Helter Skelter and A Day In The Life (is it still a cliché to compare music to The Beatles?). The rest of the record is equally worth listening to.



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