Baoba Stereo Club: Lesteoeste

What with the new King Giz album coming out last week as a free download, I plugged my phone into my computer for the first time in ages. “Would you like to sync your iPhone?” You have to, obviously. And then all hell breaks loose. Windows smash, small children start to cry, and iTunes staggers to comprehend where half the music on your phone has gone. “This item cannot be synced.” Alrighty. I’m convinced that iTunes is rubbish on purpose; it’s no wonder the whole model collapsed and now we all pirate our music via Spotify.

Fortunately, my stress was quelled by Brazillian instrumental group Baoba Stereo Club, who remind me of Guapo’s more expansive, groove laden work but with a very clear latin flavour – it’s psych, I think, but from a wholly different angle. Lesteoeste is taken from their new album, set for release this Friday. Listen below before you plug that phone in.

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