Ben Pagano & The Space Machine: Members Only

I find myself longing for a good long train journey. The leafy security of routine has boiled over; the repetition of city same-dom wears on and escape seems overdue. There’s nothing better than sitting in contentment as the scenery races by; alone at a window seat, the rain lashes streams of white, piercing caramel sunset stretching into the horizon; you’re served hot cocoa and a scotch egg from the trolley, and the train operator has yet to fire the beaming conductor ambling up and down the carriage. With every passing moment you fly further away from the choking tube and towards frosty hedgerows and quiet stillness. In a moment of serenity you put on your headphones; NYC-based Ben Pagano & The Space Machine’s new single Members Only laps with sparkles of piano and aching vocals over a band that rises and falls with each platform that zips by.

Unfortunately, in the moment you miss the announcement that the train will run fast and miss your stop. Stuck in the arse-end of Redhill with no services running, you’re faced with an over-priced sarnie from that passive-aggressive coffee chain and no way home. Trains are shit, actually.

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