Bibio: Phantom Brickworks

“Nick, are you still ill?”

Yep. It never ends. The never-abating products of my overly keen and under-effective immune system continue to fill my head and leak from my face. At the same time I involuntarily find myself on a personal crusade to break the world record for number of Lemsips (well, the Boots own-brand equivalent) taken in one day. It’s midday and my head feels woozy on a bed a paracetamol and caffeine. Apparently, at these heights of Lemsip addiction, one runs the risk of acute liver damage. The Daily Mail says I’m going to die. I hope I don’t.

Almost as soothing as my warm mug of drugs is the new album from Bibio, whose A Mineral Of Love stands as one of my favourite albums of 2016. Phantom Brickworks comes as a radical departure, though, with song form snubbed for soundscapes and jarred loops reminiscent of something put through Paulstretch. Play the album from the start in a darkened room for full effect.

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