Interview: Emily Magpie

Dream pop songwriter Emily Magpie, hailing all the way from Bristol, will release her EP later this month – on the 24th November, and has given us a taste of how good it will sound by releasing the first single “Leave it to Fate”. The song features a dreamy and floaty ukulele melody along with soft vocals from Emily, which may remind of artists such as Maggie Roberts, Grimes, This Is The Kit – who indeed she pinpoints as some of her favourite performers. With previous support from the likes of The Line of Best Fit, DIY and Clash, she has also had the chance to work with Grammy and MTV Awards winner Diego Ubierna while travelling South America last year.

Emily Magpie

We went on and stole some of her precious time to learn more about her and her music:

  1. Hi Emily! First of all, thank you for taking the time to answer our questions. How are you?

My pleasure! I’m really good, just got back from rehearsal and feeling excited about my new live set!

  1. I had a listen to your new single “Leave it to Fate” and immediately fell in love with it. It reminds me a lot of Daughter, but obviously with your personal twist. Tell me a bit about the song and the creative process behind it: What is the song about? What inspired you?

Ah thanks, I love Daughter, really beautiful music. Well I wrote it when I was travelling in South America last year. I’d just left a lot of good things in my life to pack up and go off on my own, so was freaking out a bit, and thinking ‘what the f*** am I doing?’. I wrote it to tell myself to be brave and have the courage to tread a path less trodden. Those bird noises at the start are actually off an early phone recording I made of the track on a roof. Then I came home and got producing and filled out the bare bones of the tracks.

  1. When did you first start making music and what has been your journey both as an artist and an individual since then? What would you say has been the highest point of your career so far?

I’ve always sung and written but pursuing music properly I guess began maybe 2014/15? I wrote simple little songs on my ukulele but could hear I wanted more around them so started learning how to produce and just explored that. I’ve grown with my music, it’s been an amazing journey and one I never realised I’d go on. I just feel like I’m creating from my heart and I’m constantly staggered by the reactions to it. I still feel just like the girl writing little songs in her room. There’s been a few really special gigs. Playing at Green Man this year on the same stage that Kate Tempest was on a few years back felt pretty special.

  1. Your EP “The Witching Hour”is due to be released on 24th November, very exciting! What can we expect from it? Is “Leave it to the Fate” a good depiction of what the EP will sound as a whole?

It’s a mix… The Witching Hour single is heavier, and I’d say Leave it to Fate is the gentlest track. There’s 2 more – Angel Face and When We Find it, that fall somewhere between the two. I like to make EPs that are cohesive as a whole but each song reaches in a different direction. It’s me exploring my own humanity and the magic of existence.

  1. How would you describe your genre? Who are the artists you look up to?

I say dreampop as someone said it to me once and it seems to fit best but genres are always tricky. I like not to feel tied to a genre, but I guess I just love pretty, floaty, dreamy music with some dirty bass underneath. I love Maggie Rogers, Grimes, Ibeyi, FKJ, Tom Misch… all sorts.

  1. Aside from the upcoming EP, do you have any other projects in the near future we should stay tuned for? Maybe a music video, any live dates?

There’ll be another EP next year as it’s written already. And I’m booking lots of gigs for the end of this year and next- have been locked away rehearsing my new live set up with loop pedals and fun toys and it’s ready now so have started gigging with it. You can keep up to date via my Facebook and Twitter as I’ll be announcing some dates very soon!

  1. Unless there’s anything else you’d like to add, this is all for now! Where can people find you to stay up to date with you?



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