Lylo: It’s Good To Know Your Man

I remember when I was in primary school and everyone had a Playstation 2, while my household lagged behind somewhat with my brother’s Nintendo 64; by this point the hardware was hardly cutting edge. I remember fiercely defending my haggard old console on the playground, frustrated that no-one else knew what Banjo-Kazooie was, but conversely being smug that I had much better games to play than anyone else. I think this may have been the start of my broken taste in unpopular music.

But now the 64 is cool again and 8-year-old me is king of the playground.

A similar thing has happened with the saxophone. No longer the reserve of soft rock and ska, increasingly the brazen purr of brass converges with new bands making interesting music. Glaswegian five-piece Lylo use it to great effect; I saw them earlier this year at The Lock Tavern, with their sound pluming larger-than-life, enveloping the room with textures of synth, guitar delay and rich sax. The second of two strong singles released this year, It’s Good To Know Your Man saunters a brightness to trounce the most drizzle-ditch of days with sharp guitar dancing atop woozy soundscapes.

Lylo play The Shacklewell Arms on 23rd November, supported by the ever-enigmatic Reptunes.

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