ZoZo: I Won’t Leave your Bed Tonight

How can you choose to live other than barely?

This was something my colleague said in passing, but it stuck with me. You do often wonder, walking through the city, exactly who it is spending £2.80 on a coffee; who it is buying insurance, or booking trips abroad like the adverts say; who it is installing those apps that let you impulsively invest cash into technology and arms companies; who it is that saunters through the tube gates just after 4 o’clock with no thought spared for the expense of peak time travel.

Who is it that doesn’t have to sub-let every inch of space in their flat? Has a whole room dedicated to sitting down and watching telly? Who doesn’t go to work hoping that the cafe next door is chucking out sandwiches at the end of the day? Who doesn’t have to glue their shoes together? Who’s actually managing to make this gig work?

New track ‘I Won’t Leave Your Bed Tonight’ from Killing Moon dreampop songstress ZoZo channels a similar glut of London drizzle disappointment, with sweetly brisk vocals and macabre percussion beneath a wash of dazed synths. Listen below.

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