Love Migrate: Guillotine

The peaks and troughs of life roll on. I’m very lucky to be above water at the moment, thanks in part to getting enough overtime at work to pay the rent this month. There are also new creative projects, new relationships, and the onset of long evenings indoors. The icing of the cake comes as I’m jetting off on tour this week with my bass guitar and three of the best pals one could have. Somehow a succession of poor life choices have paid off, and I’m feeling pretty chipper about it. Bite me.

The soundtrack to my smugness this weekend comes from Aussie indie stompers Love Migrate. Guillotine comes from new album Somewhere, Over the Mangroves, out last week. The record as a whole has yet to envelop me but there’s something about this track that has had me hooked. Casey Hartnett’s production is fabulous, peppered with bells and swishes: from subtle inflections of phase on the cymbals, to sax that breathes and swells with human regularity. Yet it’s the relative sparseness of the track that draws me in. Listen below.

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