Model Life: Let’s Burn

Certain life aims are set in stone, while others come and go; such is the elasticity of our strange existence. For example, last week I was certain that we needed a new hose for our leaky shower. I made the jaunt to Argos, taking care to go for the second-cheapest one so I didn’t come across too tight to the person at the till. Yet there it sits, still in its box: our shower still leaks and quite frankly I can’t be bothered actually putting it on. Horizons move and so too do our ambitions, wants, desires.

It’s for this reason that I admire five-piece Model Life, who declare themselves the best dressed band in all of Scunthorpe; that’s about as solid a life aim as they get. Model Life’s sharpness also translates to richly written songs, with wide, soaring vocals that glide atop exquisite indie choruses with more than a nod to Killing Moon faves Echo & The Bunnymen. New track Let’s Burn pulls these strands together with impressive certainty, and sets a high precedent for their Heaven & Labour EP, set for release on 13 October.


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