Soy Christmas- “Oh No”

Whistles of an ultra-foreboding teapot, signaling a vehement expulsion of uncapped anxiety. Dusty, rummage-sale-gem of a 90s drum kit. Gameboy Color-conjuring chunks of synth, propelling feet forwards through tall grass sprinkled with chirping Pidgeots. And suddenly your friend runs out of a nearby Pokemon Center, starts up one of those “Press A” rambling scroll stories.

Soy Christmas, with their knack for hyper-sensationalized 90s-kid nostalgia, just whipped a new track into their vegan wintry mix. Something about the combination of Owl City vocal mannerisms paired with lyricism expressing a confluence of beaming young-hearted love for suburban subtleties, of giving speak-sung soccerfield-sideline advice to your best friend, of wavy pitch-bent orchestras melting like Happy Meal Toys basking in the summer sun.

Check out these Long Island bad boys and their new track “Oh No.”

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