104 BPM – “Ihubo”

Shuffling, tapping, hand-clapping, blissful bare feet and chicken-like head bobs.

104 BPM‘s preview track “Ihubo” conjures these images, colouring the sterile white offices of Camden Town with the lusty rouge of the South African sun. It turns like a sundial, churns like the maternally mammalian central pattern generator, a cyclical induction of rhythmic organicism. A preview track of his upcoming EP release, this taster tantalizes and envelopes, beautifully alluding to the layered routines of life, and upon its denouement, startling us back into the stark stagnancy of the present moment.

I picture a foliaged festival, hidden in the center of dry heat- a horizontal expanse, a wide horizon sprinkled with tufts of shrubbery, its ground resonating, listening, communicating with the universal language of foot-stomps.

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