Lana here, your resident DSP rummager.

Not remembering how (it must have been amidst a meditative dream), I stumbled across a post by self-titled proclaiming that Photay has a new record coming out 11 August. His first LP. He’s been releasing tracks here and there via ultra-serious record label Astro Nautico… but now, finally, after this rehydrating hibernation, the torrent of track streams is no longer obstructed, they may freely flow into your cochlear spirals.

An ephemeral whiff of buttery cacao catches your nostril; a preview track entitled “The Everyday Push” wafts through the ever-moving air, drifting past your earth-tethered body. Swirled through with delectably rich Guinean drum, this track embodies the sinusoidal highs and lows that propulse us through the brook of life. From the flora-filled atmosphere, petals unfold, its central point teeming with the calculated marching of productive fertility; insects buzz by, enchanted by the saccharine odor, by the vivaciously vibrating, budding fecundity. Moments of overwhelming fecundity, unrestricted spiraling, are kindly mitigated by the motherly harness of logic.

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