M*A*R*S – Spring Time Blues

“Slowdive 2017,” “Soul Lounge,” “achtung baby.”

These are the clues I’ve scrounged up from the depths of search-term cyberspace, in piecing together the elusive identity of SoundCloud user /marsandaras (also known as M*A*R*S from Philadelphia). No artist socials; no bandcamp; simply a track-rich SoundCloud page and a third-party posting on an indie soul Youtube channel. Yet, despite this “garageband guru’s” shadow-of-a-shadow socials presence, M*A*R*S is garnering popular attention amongst twentisomething reddit-graduated SoundCloud devotees and wistful young Youtubers. His newest and most prolific track, “Spring Time Blues,” tells the diaristic story of an forlorn romance; waiting months for his lover, equipped with nothing more than masochistic diligence, M*A*R*S is what one would call “whipped.” We’ve all had that experience; the love that is divided, the best friend from home who’s silently in love with you, the older boy whose potential texts leave you anxiously hoping for an illuminated phone screen reading “One New Message.”

Screen Shot 2017-06-23 at 1.42.05 PM.png

Though “Spring Time Blues” is charmingly relatable and endearingly rendered (#stevelacysgaragebandmixing), its technical fortitude is evident in bossanova-echoed instrumental breaks and multi-layered choruses, decorated with sweet vocal harmonies, synthesized orchestras, and, of course, a whirlwind of fantastical guitar parts. It’s not surprising that this impenetrably well-done (yet faceless) lo-fi bedroom soul has reaped almost 31,000 Youtube views and 9,000 SoundCloud streams in just over one week. Perfect for second-Tinder-date playlisting for a subtly tacit “this is my sadboy baggage filled past” insinuation.

Mosey on over to M*A*R*S’s SoundCloud page, browse around the soulful lounge, and throw me any hints, will you?


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