Beiju: “Movin’ On”

Lana here with the perfect track to keep you finger-snappily independent in the midst of budding summer romance.

Fresh off the stage of Northside Festival, NYC outfit Beiju is gearing up for tomorrow’s big EP release entitled Demain (which fancy that, is French for “tomorrow”). Though Beiju’s spear-header Caitlin Seager has been Big Apple-based for the past several years, the saucy French house beats and eclectic jazz-influenced melodies of her near-Paris hometown bubble out of her music. This track marks Beiju’s second single release following her 2014 release of “Narcissistic,” a starkly different track in both lyrical composition and instrumentation despite a ballsy strong-woman sentiment and unmistakably virtuosic voice weaving girthy strings of continuity through Beiju’s artistic metamorphosis.


While the previous track paid serious homage to Melody’s Echo Chamber in its Tame Impala-esque drum fills and dreamily soaring soprano lines, “Movin’ On” stomps on new territory with a totally an electronic backing track made squeaky-clean by collaborator Lillia Betz’s pristine engineering. Seager’s self-produced synth-vocal counterpoint creates a lushly personified environment that interacts directly with her show-stopping voice, singing words full of sure-footed denouncement of a just-blossoming pernicious romance. Brazenly showcasing her compositional integrity and vocal agility through melodically intelligent vocal bridges, plumply baited soul-harmonied hooks, and womping hints of future bass, Beiju’s artistic momentum is teeming with fresh vitality.

Catch a preview of Beiju’s first self-released EP entitled Demain, hitting streaming/download platforms tomorrow.

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