The Surfing Magazines: “Lines and Shadows”

Hot days are made for bluesy garage rock.

Luckily we’ve got a new one for you from London’s own The Surfing Magazines, here with their recent single release entitled “Lines and Shadows.”

An earnest voice remarks “You said you could’ve snapped me in two like a breadstick” with a semblance of Gordon Downie in the lyrics/vocal mannerisms; stripped down Attack-and-Release era Black Keys instrumentation (with the additional thrill of a crooning sax); incredibly jazz-noise raunchy Meters-length outgoing instrumentals…these are but some of the thoughts that I have about The Surfing Magazines’ new kicking track.


Not to mention, the band is formed of a Slow Club – The Wave Pictures amalgamation… thus carrying over gold stars of attested praiseworthiness, pliable and ready for their new realization.

Look out for The Surfing Magazines’ 1st September debut album release through Moshi Moshi records and jam to their audiovisual angst.

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