Boba K: “What She’s Like”

Lana says it’s time for some pop!

I’m peering into this crystal ball, there’s quite a glare from the plentiful sunrays beaming through my window – but I think Boba K is going to get big.


Boba K is based in London, originally from Kiev. She has one hell of a voice (spans 4 octaves, IMCP London-verified) with a unique accentual affect that draws you into its put-that-sh*t-on-everything Sriracha-spicy aroma.

Despite only having a few singles under her belt, Boba K has a hefty Facebook following of over 24,000 and a very active Twitter presence detailing Wednesday night kickboxing and #wcw Gaga shots… not to mention her slamming new pop single “What She’s Like.”

It is just so perfect for top-down rides with a backseat/trunk/dashboard full of friends, cruising down the motorway. It starts with a hand-clap/super catchy Latin-esque riff, and breaks into a grooving EDM-influenced chorus. It is ridiculously danceable, entirely anthemable, surefire radio hit… I cannot wait to see what happens with this gem of a pop track.

boba k.jpg

Listen to Boba K’s new track “What She’s Like” and get ready for this tidal wave of  a popstar.

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