A Deer A Horse: Backswimmer – EP

Lana atcha, here with some DOOM.

I’m just having one of those days where I’m making Generation Z references all over the place. You forget that it’s an inside joke of a select subgroup until you make a Pokemon jest about 2 coffees being your Doubleslap of the morning and everyone looks at you like who tf is this poor masochist.


If I had to make yet another cartoonish analogy to quite a pertinent topic, i.e. a visual manifestation of A Deer A Horse’s enticing mud-bludgeoned post-rock…this guy

Appropriately named “Gloppy,”  a strange-looking, yet friendly creature who makes his home in the Chocolate Swamp of Candyland.

My metaphor-driven mind makes this linkage to Brooklyn-based A Deer A Horse’s similarly spectrum-spanning bifurcation, in their masterfully driven dichotomy between drag-you-down doom and melodic hooks that will get the fishies nibblin’.

Right to left: Rebecca Satellite (vocals/guitar), Dylan Teggart (drums), Angela Phillips (bass/backing vocals)

Board game metaphors aside, A Deer A Horse’s recently released EP Backswimmer is a jam-packed parcel of four essential standout tracks. Their ability to seamlessly drift from the Pat Benetar-like chorus of “Bad Thoughts” to the groaning spook metal of “Once or Twice”; “Statue Sea”’s mix of heart-slowing sludge roped into the whirring wheel of fate; the exceptionally unique yet airtight composition of title track “Backswimmer,” moving from vocal-highlighting translucent instrumentation to math-rock bridges to an eerily mantra-d outro.

There is also an admirable top-downness of the Backswimmer EP, a poetic profoundness evident not only in lyrical proficiency center-pieced by lead singer Rebecca Satellite’s honest resonance, but also conceptually with regards to the album’s ontology. “Backswimmer” is based on the idea of a swimming insect that sits on the surface of the water, looking down into depths with one goggly eye and up to the sky with another. Using the Making a Murderer-derived bug as a launch-point, the band relates the monotony of floating atop a superficial surface to a sort of fate-imposed stagnancy, a personal effort to move forward against a current that’s constantly pushing you back.


Having happenstance-stumbled across A Deer A Horse’s blow-the-coffee-filters-away live show in an Austin kitchen this past spring, I am ecstatic to see A Deer A Horse’s A+ EP encapsulation of their unmistakably ear-catching spicy hodge-podge of sound. Catch their spread of New England shows through 20th July, and sludge away via download/stream!

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