A Giant Dog: Photograph

Lana here, with a bangin’ *Austin* (not Boston!) band. 

A Giant Dog is notorious for their wickedly exhilarating live shows. Lead singer Sabrina Ellis, who has a background in performance art, is known for her awesome theatrical stage presence, full of flailing limbed-dance moves and the occasional between-act public urination. Backed by equally as ruthless co-founder Andrew Cashen on vocals and guitar, Andy Bauer (guitar), Graham Low (bass), and Daniel Blanchard (drums), A Giant Dog’s ferocious stage presence is aptly encapsulated in their latest track, “Photograph.”

Photo by Sean Daigle

Preceding A Giant Dog’s forthcoming August album release Toy, “Photograph”  presents an instrumentation of propulsive 4-on-the-floor drums and bass, chunky and driving guitar… the perfect vibrant coloured backdrop for Sabrina and Andy’s blasphemous duet. The vocals feature frontwoman Sabrina’s leave-it-all-on-the-stage vocals, sounding profanely passionate cries for a photographed lover no matter what time-deteriorated physical condition they might be in. Sabrina’s distinctive voice is paired with Andy’s subtly intricate vocal harmony, and interspersed with some spicy guitar licks and drum breaks, topping it all off with a vodka-spiked-maraschino-cherry key change for the track’s closing hook.

Pop on A Giant Dog’s “Photograph” and get hype for their August album release through Merge Records, Toy.




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