Kármán Voh: Balcony

Lana here, sloughing off the jet lag with some pumice-textured techno.

Nothing wakes you up like a good scathingly irresistible repeat-track. You know, that “let me just loop it for a bit” track that weaves its way into your morning, afternoon, and oh, suddenly it’s 7pm and you’ve been wandering within this wonderfully crafted auditory world for a solid one-third of earth’s rotation.


This track is just that, a crunchy-grounded, lushly forested, light glimmering through cracks in the foliage canopy… an intricate world based on a foundation of sheer significance: a push for Russian LGBTQ+ safety. Entitled “Balcony,” this recent release depicts Boston-based duo Kármán Voh’s sonic response to an uncle pushing his 17-year-old queer nephew off of a balcony. As Kármán Voh states, this is but a single incident within an onslaught of LGBTQ-inspired negativity. Thus, along with its enticing artistic fortitude, this track also inspires supportive social action, garnering donations towards Rainbow Railroad, an organization aiding LGBTQ+ populations in areas of extreme violence, through Bandcamp proceeds. A track for the now- a time when we must undoubtedly carry-on with our everyday lives, but a time when we must remain all the more cognizant of life’s happenings and the world of others around us.

Photo courtesy of Ian Spencer

Kármán Voh’s blood-pulsing noisy shoegazey-tech-house track “Balcony” is available for streaming and download via their awesomely genre-amalgamating Bandcamp.

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