Bay Faction: Pendulum

Ayyo, it’s Lana. And I have the perfect heart-wrenching track for your rainy Tuesday afternoon. 

You know the rain that makes your blood-pumping-organ ache for that fleeting summertime romance, the one that almost was, the one that was torn apart by external geographical forces, interlaced fingers pried apart by the unrelenting spinning globe? That one. This song.



Boston-based trio Bay Faction specializes in a sort of emo indie pop that failessly unsheathes your grey-sky-loving fervor. Following a studio breather after their 2015 self-titled album, Bay Faction released their first single, Pendulum, back at it with even more propane to an already fan-fiery flame.

The mahogany-coloured, soul-baring voice of frontman James McDermott paints a teetering romance riddled with the mundane-spurred depressive-anxiety of urban twenty-something everyday life. Set over a crispy-complex rain-plunking bass (Kris Roman), some beautifully reminiscent guitar melodies (also James McDermott) wafting through the melancholy, carefully placed and masterfully timbred drums courtesy of Connor Goddfrey… makes for quite a satisfyingly sad track, exhuming freshly forgotten soil-covered memories, each nakedly dismal verse culminating in a reinvigoratingly purifying, desperately passionate chorus.


Listen to Boston’s Bay Faction with their 2017 release Pendulum below.

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