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It’s soooo warm today. It doesn’t seem possible that this time last week I was shivering in a winter coat, taking shelter in shop doorways from coastal wind and rain. A lot of people bemoan warm weather, cursing summer’s sweaty sleepless nights, lethargic afternoon slumps, and oppressively muggy evenings, but I find it completely energising. There’s nothing more encouraging than the sun streaming through your blinds in the morning – and I have found myself waking earlier and earlier this week as a result. This can only be a good thing for someone who rarely wakes before 10.30 unless absolutely necessary. In fact, this morning I woke up a full hour before my alarm went off, coaxed into consciousness by a combination of the sun, my cat’s miaows from the end of the bed, and a recurring shoulder injury that makes sleep near impossible in the mornings. Instead of the usual panic rush to inhale a coffee and slap some makeup on my face, this morning I lay there in the quiet thinking about the day ahead, cat nestled beside me on my pillow. I even left my house with plenty of time to catch the train, eschewing the usual cramming of body parts between the closing doors and grumpy commuters. So I’m feeling pretty zen today, which is why I’m listening to ‘No Good‘, the latest single from Ontario singer songwriter Alcordo. Featuring summery jazz flute (trust me, it works) and gentle synth chords, the soul inspired soundscape provides the perfect base for velvety RnB vocals to take centre stage. Perfect listening for a sunny day – enjoy.


Hooray for sunny Fridays, ripe with the promise of a post-work beer and a long bank holiday weekend. For those of you languishing in non air-conditioned offices, rejoice, for there are only 3 hours left in the working day (if you work regular hours) and at least 5 hours left of sunshine. You do the math(s). Anyway, whether you’re working, pretending to work, or getting your tan on, today’s Track Of The Day is sure to improve your afternoon by at least 100% with the latest single ‘Bedroom’ from London two-piece jangle pop band Hobby Club. Formed and cultivated in a bedroom in Brixton, Hobby Club have reined in their eclectic influences ranging from Orange Juice to 80’s children’s TV theme songs in order to craft a unique sound for themselves. Currently based in London, Beth Truscott and Joe Rose hail from the small towns of Redhill and Barrow-in-Furness respectively and buoyed from the momentum of recent live performances, Hobby Club have decided to release their debut single for the world to hear. With cascading Smiths-inspired guitar riffs and melodic light-than-air lyrics, this is an essential listen for sunny afternoons. Enjoy.


Like most people in the country, I have been following the media coverage of the election pretty closely. It’s becoming slightly tiring to think about all the time, but I will say Jeremy Corbyn smashed it last night when he went head to head with a red-eyed and rather manic looking Jeremy Paxman. Anyway, to get away from the relentlessness of election coverage, I want to share a story from the first day my cat Ethel came to stay with me, last Monday. She woke us early, clambering over our still sleeping bodies to drag her whiskers across my face and cry for her breakfast. I obliged, as any good cat owner would do, and began unloading the washing machine as she ate. As me and my partner were sat drinking the first coffee of the day, we watched in cautious anticipation as Ethel sat in the litter box, for what would be her first poo of her stay. I knew from an episode of QI that most mammals take around 12 seconds to relieve themselves, and when she had been in there for over a minute, I knew something was wrong. She began howling, clearly having trouble going to the toilet, and she jumped out of the litter box mid-poo, dragging her bottom on my newly cleaned floors. As I picked her up to put her back into her litter tray, sed poo slipped out and onto my freshly washed bed sheets on the kitchen floor – oh the joys of pet ownership. Now back to the more serious matters highlighted by the new track ‘due rent‘ from collaborative hip-hop duo lojii & Swarvy (a rapper and LA producer respectively). Concerning themes of police brutality, rent bills and struggling to find work as a young black man, lojii interweaves the stories of his modern life with his ancestors’ struggle ‘picking cotton in the fields’. His emotive vocal delivery is highlighted by the sublime production, featuring modulated jazz flute samples, dissonant strings, and chopped and screwed beats that give the track a sense of movement. Thought-provoking and cleverly crafted, this is an absolute must-listen. Enjoy.


I’m currently bingeing on the latest series of F is For Family as season two premiered on Netflix yesterday. For those of you that aren’t familiar with the show, it’s an animated comedy based on the early life and family of comedian and creator Bill Burr, who also provides the voice for his short-tempered war veteran father Frank Murphy. Set in the 70’s, the show follows the working class family as they struggle to make ends meet and navigate the social and cultural changes of the decade. I may not have sold it as such, but be assured that is is one of the funniest TV shows I have watched in a long time and I couldn’t recommend it more – I may be biased because I am a bit of a cartoon addict. Now, staying on that 70’s theme, today’s Track Of The Day is a punk inspired jaunt from Honolulu band Aura Bora. The band have sadly now split up, but happily for us, they haven’t left us high and dry, leaving us with an album of all their unreleased tracks, ‘Was‘. Particularly good is the first track ‘Whatever‘, a lo-fi punk rampage, with cheerful indie guitar riffs and breakneck drums. Refreshingly short and sweet at just over a minute long, sunny vocals from lead singer Jhune Liwanag lift the scuzzy soundscape out of the dark, making it the perfect mix of punk dirge and indie-pop optimism. Enjoy.


It’s pretty unusual for me to go to non-work related gigs these days, but last night I made an exception and went down to The Waiting Room in Stoke Newington to see Hers play, supported by recently featured duo Hobby Club. Performances from both bands were fantastic (and I’m not just saying that because I know them), and it was probably one of the sweatiest gigs I’ve been too in a long time. Despite the undeniable brilliance of the bands, I found it difficult to get into the music because my back was absolutely killing me, and my feet were basically on fire. Does anyone else struggle to stand up for long periods of time at gigs? I feel like most people welcome long sets from bands they love, but to be honest, after 40 minutes I just want a sit down and a cuppa. Does that make me old? I’m only 23 I promise! Doing yoga has helped my aches and pains immensely, and I really can’t get enough of it. I love contorting myself into weird and wonderful poses, hands clasped to my third eye as I utter a blissful ‘namaste’ to my Youtube guru – I think I need to go to India to find myself (no YOU’RE culturally appropriative). In the spirit of peaceful enlightenment, Today’s Track Of The Day is a serene debut single ‘Sweet Summer Wine’ from London based songwriter Cecilia Ebba. Hailing from Northern Sweden, the bedroom artist interweaves gently plucked guitar and subtly driving percussion with her soft vocal, with reversed guitar providing textural interest. Folk inspired cadences give the track a summery feel, although this is late night summer listening, not beach party listening. Enjoy.

Stay tuned for next week’s picks!

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