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I had the best day a few weeks ago, as I’m sure many of you did too, due to the good weather. Knowing that the sunshine was going to be short lived, we decided to make the most of it by spending the entire day outdoors. First, we headed to the Olympic Park in Stratford, and rented a couple of Boris bikes – (which are actually a lot heavier than they look, believe me). After a wobbly start and a few near-crashes, we cycled along the park in its entirety, and then cycled through Victoria Park and into Hackney – at times on the road might I add, which I considered a pretty brave move for someone who hasn’t ridden a bike in around 3 years. It is true what they say about riding bikes after all. A few drinks later we set off home, a little sunburnt and extremely worn out – a wonderful way to spend a day in the sunshine, and a day I’m sure to remember for many years to come. (My thigh muscles disagree). On the topic of remembrance, today’s Track Of The Day is all about memory, mother and daughter relationships, and childhood. ‘Mythological Beauty‘ from Brooklyn foursome Big Thief is a tender and thoughtful through-composed track, with meandering guitar riffs and soft vocals courtesy of lead singer Adrianne Lenker. Exploring her relationship with her mother through a series of anecdotes and reflections, Lenker wonders how her life compares to her mother’s at the same age. Examining motherhood with a perceptive sense of empathy and a childlike sense of wonder, she comes to the conclusion that, though their lives are incredibly different, they share a bond that transcends time and space. All in all, it’s a stunning piece of songwriting, thoughtfully crafted, and sure to dredge up childhood memories. Check out the wonderful new video below:


A couple of weeks ago I went to Barrow in Furness, to visit my boyfriend’s family. This mega trip is going to take a grand total of around 10 hours, 7 of which will be spent on a stuffy, overcrowded coach (which I’m told doesn’t stop at all during the journey). Why would I put myself through this you ask? Well, the simple answer is that I haven’t been to my partners hometown in over 3 years, which is pretty shameful when you think about it. It just takes SO LONG to get there. I am looking forward to the trip though; his family live near to the Lake District, which is absolutely beautiful, and it will be good to have a change of scenery for a few days. In the spirit of long journeys, today’s Track Of The Day is the perfect track to listen to whilst staring pensively out a coach window. ‘Enigma‘ from Berlin’s Babyalligator is a introspective four minutes of dreamy lo-fi pop, with folky picked guitar and sombre cello drones. With a gentle vocal delivery and an honest and unaffected soundworld, whatever you’re doing today, this track is sure to offer a few minutes of quiet reflection. Enjoy.


I am writing halfway through my journey to The North, where the air is brisk and the teas are plentiful. Mercifully, our coach has stopped for a 45 minute ‘comfort break’ somewhere near Wolverhampton, and though I can’t say I’m exactly comfortable, the chance to stretch my legs is very much appreciated. As I’m sat writing this, I’m staring out the window at a woman smoking a cigarette – well, not so much smoking it as she is chewing it, thrusting nearly the entire length into her mouth and smacking her lips around it like a bulldog chewing a wasp. It’s gruesomely fascinating, and I just cannot tear my eyes away from this strange display, much like people who slow down when driving past car accidents. It’s funny, the kind of thing that captures your attention when you’re bored. Much like yesterday, I’ve been looking for some good travelling music to make the trip more bearable, which happily I have found in ‘Crab Supernova’, the new single from Dublin based shoegaze band Percolator. With fuzzy guitars, dreamy synths, and a refreshingly clean vocal from singer and drummer Eleanor Myler, this track has both the rhythmic intensity and textural interest to get you through even the longest of trips.


I’m now back in the glorious South. The first day of our Cumbrian holiday was spent walking around Elterwater, a picturesque lake surrounded by rolling hills and conveniently located holiday cottages. I’ve never seen so many sheep in one place; literally every field was full, some with the season’s new lambs, kicking their legs and bleating for their mothers. Of course I tried to pet the sheep, but they ran off as soon as I got close. I also tried to feed some cows, waving a wad of grass in their direction. The young calves initially started walking over, only to be reprimanded by their wise old mothers – after all, a child should never take food from a stranger. A day spent walking amongst the sheep and the hills and the holiday cottages practically cries out for some gentle, dreamy indie pop to encourage the journey along, which we have today courtesy of California songwriter Hazel English, with her new single ‘More Like You‘. With cascading guitar riffs, English’s laid back multi-tracked vocal, and hazy synths bouncing around in the background, listening to this track is a journey in itself, and so easy to lose yourself within. Enjoy.


Ahead of his debut album, John J Presley is getting ready to take the music world by storm with the new single ‘Left’, set for release on 21st April via Killing Moon Records. After two hugely successful single releases – which caught the attention of Zane Lowe, Huw Stephens, Phil Taggart, Alice Levine, John Kennedy and Tom Robinson, and an EP recorded at Toe Rag Studios by Liam Watson last year, the London based electric bluesman is keen for this new, orchestrated full body of work to be heard and seen on the road around Europe and the UK. ‘Left’ is two and a half minutes of pure unbridled energy , with pounding drums, distorted guitar, and driving bass lines, all bolstered by Presley’s iconic bluesy vocal.

Stay tuned for next week’s picks!

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