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The four day weekend completely passed me by, mainly because I spent it recovering from some Megabus induced lurgy, crawling morosely from bed to sofa, and back again. Easter came and went without any fanfare and the most action I got up to on the Bank Holiday was some very gentle yoga in my front room. Happily, I’m finally feeling better, so whilst many of you will be feeling a little hungover and perhaps a little down at the prospect of returning to work, I am full of beans today (quite literally, as I am vegetarian and poor). So without further ado, in the spirit of renewed energy today’s Track Of The Day is ‘Life Force‘, the new single from Brighton based songwriter and visual artist Anneka. Featuring haunting call and response vocals in dissonant harmony, the track plays more like a soundscape than a traditional pop song. Fluttering synth percussion adds textural depth and a healthy dose of tension, with video game inspired arpeggios cascading beneath the almost ecclesiastical vocals. Expressive, and more than a little creepy with lyrics like ‘give me your flesh‘, this is a track you absolutely must listen to with headphones to fully appreciate. Enjoy.


I recently visited Conishead Priory in Ulverston, a gothic revival country house with imposing turrets and sprawling gardens. For the last twenty five years it has been home to the area’s Buddhist community, who took on the near derelict property, spending hundreds of hours of voluntary labour restoring it to its former glory and creating a meditation centre and Buddhist temple. It’s a beautiful place, with a friendly cafe serving only vegetarian food (praise be) and surrounded by acres of woodland. When walking in the grounds, we stumbled upon a collection of small headstones, which we quickly realised was a makeshift pet cemetery. Dating from as far back as the early 1900’s, the headstones were inscribed with tearjerkers like ‘here lies a faithful friend’. It was nice to think that someone loved and respected their companion enough to go the effort of doing that. I mean, it’s not unusual for me to get emotional about animals – I rarely cry at sad films, but show me a picture of a golden retriever puppy and I will usually get a bit shiny. It’s not because I’m sad or anything, it’s just that they’re so pure and good…is that weird? Anyway, in the spirit of meditation and mindfulness, today’s Track Of The Day is a gloriously gentle offering from Utah’s Goldmyth, with ‘Faded Dreams‘. Featuring tenderly strummed harps and swirling synths, the dreamy sound world provides a hazy backdrop to Goldmyth’s haunting vocal. Restorative and intimate, it’s the perfect track to lose yourself within. Enjoy.


I’m on a bit of a health kick currently, determined to achieve inner peace and outer fabulousness through the medium of exercise. Specifically, workout videos to be copied in the comfort of my own home (I’m not yet tanned and toned enough to brave the streets in lycra). I have to say, it’s going surprisingly well – my tolerance for high impact cardio sessions has increased from a measly 10 minutes to 40 minutes, and my walk between underground platforms is considerably less sweaty these days. But what I’m really digging at the moment is yoga. I’m already pretty flexible as it is (lying my calves on the floor behind my head in a kind of malformed backwards roll is a favourite party trick), but have always suffered with joint pain. My mum often suggests it’s due to being born premature – 5 weeks to be precise – therefore, in her words, ‘I wasn’t done cooking’. Anyway, it’s doing wonders for my various niggles and ailments, and after each session I genuinely feel a few inches taller (crucial if you’re very short like me). It’s also a wonderful way to boost your mood if you’re feeling sluggish or foggy-minded. If any of you are tempted to try yoga after my glowing review, I have the perfect music to gently ease yourself back into the real post-stretch world, courtesy of Virginia four-piece Camp Howard, who have just released a playful new single called ‘Juice‘. Built upon layers of rhythmic bass riffs and swirling guitars, the band infuse the indie pop song structure with tension-building stop/starts and a subtly building sound world. Adding a dreamy layer to the track are the gauzy vocal harmonies that float amidst the pulsating rhythm section, providing a perfect mixture of reverb heavy haze and metrical solidity.


The ancient greeks, in their infinite wisdom, had no less than eight different words for ‘love’. ‘Eros’ is of course erotic love, ‘philia’, or affectionate love (as in Philadelphia, the city of ‘brotherly love’), ‘agape’, which is selfless love, and ‘mania’, or ‘obsessive love’, are just a few examples. There’s not doubt that over a lifetime, people experience different types of love, from the platonic love felt for a best friend (Greek alert), to the love you feel for your mother, to the love you feel for your partner. Sometimes love is nurturing and supportive, and allows you to grow mentally (and perhaps literally – you often hear about loved up people feeling a few inches taller). Sadly, love can also be toxic – controlling, obsessive, or even abusive – although many would argue that this isn’t true love at all. Love can make people stay in unhealthy relationships when logically they should have left a long time ago; unable to break free of the mental shackles that keep them there. It can be all consuming; its victims left unable to eat, or sleep, stomach churning in nervous apprehension, feet tripped over in clumsy self consciousness. Whatever kind of love you have experienced, I’m sure you will agree that it is extremely powerful. To me, no one puts it better than Haruki Murakami in my favourite (non Harry Potter) book, Sputnik Sweetheart:

“No mistake about it. Ice is cold; roses are red; I’m in love. And this love is about to carry me off somewhere. The current’s too overpowering; I don’t have any choice. It may very well be a special place, some place I’ve never seen before. Danger may be lurking there, something that may end up wounding me deeply, fatally. I might end up losing everything. But there’s no turning back. I can only go with the flow. Even if it means I’ll be burned up, gone forever.”

Today’s Track Of The Day stays on this theme of love; more specifically, a first experience with gentleness and kindness. ‘Tenderness‘ is the new single from Adult Mom, taken from their forthcoming album ‘Soft Spots‘. Sung as both a warning to a lover (this is going to be really hard for me/ to accept your love), and an acceptance of how difficult and beautiful love can be, lead singer Stephanie Knipe’s honest vocal is cushioned by pillowy guitars and gentle percussion, a hazy sound world that is cut through at the chorus with crashing drums and surging bass lines. Enjoy and hope you all have a loved up weekend.

Stay tuned for next week’s picks!

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