These are the tracks we were digging this week at New Moons HQ. Check out our New Moons Weekly Mixtape playlist on Spotify, updated every week with our favourite new music. 




It’s actually a really beautiful day, and at some points, has even felt sort of warm in the sunshine. Perfect weather then for listening to some summery off-kilter lo fi pop courtesy of Luxury Death, whose latest release ‘Listerine‘, is a sumptuous three minutes full of organ like synths, hazy vocal harmony, and chorused guitar. Said to be based on ‘a friend’s struggles with relationship and identity’, this is a slow burner that grows with meaning with every listen.




I’m sure many blogs will be sharing super romantic love songs this week, so to offer a little relief to those of you who don’t buy into the whole saccharine sweetness of Valentine’s Day I would like to share the latest, and most appropriately named single ‘Sugar Town‘ from trash pop superstar ShitKid, moniker of Swedish musician Åsa Söderqvist. Taken from her upcoming EP, this is a raucous two-and-a-half minutes of sassy garage rock, with wailing overdriven guitar, tinny percussion, and seductive punk inspired vocals. Sampling the classic hook from the Nancy Sinatra original, ‘Sugar Town‘ is dirty, heady, and the perfect antidote to the sickly sweetness of Valentine’s Day.




Fun and silliness is something that is so lacking in the music industry, which
is why a band like Her’s are such a breath of fresh air. The Liverpool based pop duo’s latest track ‘Speedracer‘ is a fifties inspired doo-wop romp, with shimmering guitar riffs and haphazard bass lines providing the track with tons of danceability. Lead singer Stephen Fitzpatrick’s sultry baritone vocal underpins this glittery mix, trying to charm with tongue-in-cheek quips like “I only need your love for one night/ One night repeated for the rest of my life”. Be still my beating heart. ‘Speedracer’ is an education in smooth talking – boys and girls take note.




New Moons artists Hearing Trees have just released a brand new single ‘Today’s Sun‘ in the form of a live video. With vulnerable vocals and melodic guitar riffs, this anxiety ridden track is reminiscent of the old school alternative rock and emo bands of the early 2000’s. Check out the video below:




Playing on the theme of guilty pleasures, is the new single ‘Rules‘ from Hoops, their first release since their 2016 EP, appropriately named ‘EP‘. Resplendent with romantic Johnny Marr-esque guitar riffs and cascading bass lines, ‘Rules‘ captures the moment of crawling through a lovers window as darkness falls to spend the evening with them. Vocals wrapped in swathes of gauzy reverb do not dominate the track, instead playing a supporting role to the heady sound world as it builds to a climax, perfectly encapsulating the excitement of an illicit encounter. Effervescent and ardent, this is the perfect track for listening on the way to an illicit encounter of your own, whatever that may mean to you. Enjoy.

Stayed tuned for next week’s picks!


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